ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE)

Welcome to the world of Custom Compute. With this new class of application accelerator, the way compute-intensive applications process network data is transformed, greatly improving network performance. Through the innovative integration of an advanced FPGA processing engine and Solarflare's industry-leading, low-latency 10GbE server adapter, AOE is at the forefront of Custom Compute.

Solarflare's Custom Compute Platform enables users to move critical applications from traditional server processing to AOE's high-speed processing engine — significantly boosting application performance while providing a transparent interface to the network.

AOE's key features include:

  • Bump-in-the-wire processing of network data
  • Optimized for network-centric, high-compute applications
  • Enables both pre- and post-processing of high-speed network data
  • Provides an open platform for the development and deployment of customized network applications

AOE is ideal for the implementation of applications such as encryption/decryption, intrusion detection, line arbitration, packet capture, image enhancement and stabilization, pattern recognition, data filtering and many others.

SFA6902F ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE)

SFA6902F ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE)

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On-board Application Acceleration

Logic can be loaded on the FPGA, enabling bump-in-the-wire processing of network data with a simple, transparent interface to the server, resulting in significant application acceleration.

Reduced End-to-End Latency

While the server adapter lowers network latency, the FPGA significantly reduces application latency, resulting in a dramatic reduction in total end-to-end latency.

Improved Server Utilization

Running applications on the AOE significantly improves CPU, memory and I/O utilization on your server, freeing up processing cycles for other functions and applications.

Simplified Application Development

Through the use of AOE's Firmware Development Kit (FDK) – which includes a comprehensive development environment featuring standard development tools, a host of services, APIs, and a full data path infrastructure – customized applications can be brought to market more quickly.

Multiple Application Resources

In addition to Solarflare-developed applications, Solarflare's AOE Partner Network can provide pre-existing applications or can design, build and deploy customized AOE applications to meet customer-specific requirements, providing a range of deployment options.

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  • AOE Videos
    Interviews with Solarflare CEO Russell Stern

  • Creating The Custom Compute Platform
    AOE represents a unique integration of a
    high-performance server adapter and an
    advanced FPGA processing engine, capable
    of on-the-fly processing of network data.

  • AOE – Breakthrough Technology Breaks
    Performance Barriers

    AOE's on-board FPGA provides on-the-fly
    processing of network data, overcoming
    performance obstacles that multi-core
    processors can't.

  • Simplifying Development & Deployment
    Of Applications With AOE

    Solarflare offers three go-to-market models
    for streamlining the development and
    deployment of applications with the AOE.

  • Educating A New Breed Of Developer
    Solarflare's University Program puts AOEs
    into the hands of professors for use as an
    FPGA instructional tool and application
    development platform.

  • Active Distributed Security With AOE
    The AOE can be deployed across the
    enterprise running a variety of security
    applications, providing real-time threat

  • AOE Enables Programmers To Solve
    The Unsolvable

    University students trained on the AOE
    approach application development from a
    different perspective, solving previously
    unsolvable business problems.