How to Buy

Solarflare has assembled a world class family of partners dedicated to making your Solarflare purchase of our award-winning products smooth, productive, and easy. Our fully-trained partners can assist you with the purchase, deployment, and configuration of your Solarflare products to maximize your ROI and deliver the performance and reliability that customers, OEMs, and the industry have come to recognize from Solarflare.

Please consult the list in the column to the right for a partner near you.

For further information on a suitable VAR partner or if you are a VAR/Systems Integrator who would like to buy our products through a Distribution partner, contact Solarflare Sales at [email protected], +1 (949) 581-6830 x2050 (North America) or +44 (0) 1223 518040 ext 5530 (EMEA/ROW). If you are interested in joining our Premier Authorized VAR Program click here for more information and a form to apply.