Application Acceleration/OpenOnload

OpenOnload® application acceleration middleware significantly enhances application performance by improving network I/O latency, bandwidth, and message rates, while reducing CPU utilization all with no need to modify applications or change the network infrastructure. Solarflare also offers EnterpriseOnload™, which bundles support and service level agreements with an Open Source software subscription.

NEW! Technology Brief: Application Note—OpenOnload 201502

Solarflare OpenOnload Application Accelerator

Solarflare's OpenOnload is a Linux-based, Open Source, high-performance application accelerator that delivers lower and more predictable latency and higher message rates for TCP and UDP-based applications. OpenOnload is ideal for applications that benefit from lower latency (with decreasing jitter) and higher throughput, including financial services, geosciences, biosciences, weather and other HPC applications.

Solarflare OpenOnload
  • TCP and UDP acceleration including multicast
  • Lowest application-to-application latency (½ round-trip)
  • Up to 3 million messages per second on a single CPU core
  • Binary compatible BSD sockets API
  • No application modifications or network upgrades required

Download Solarflare OpenOnload Application Accelerator Product Brief

Introduction to OpenOnload—Building Application Transparency and Protocol Conformance into Application Acceleration Middleware

Solarflare EnterpriseOnload

Solarflare® EnterpriseOnload® is an enterprise-class TCP and UDP application acceleration middleware product with bundled service and support suitable for deployment in Fortune 1000 data centers, high-frequency trading applications, and HPC applications.

  OpenOnload EnterpriseOnload
GPLv2 License
Extended test cycle  
Latest features / technology  
Installation Tarball RPM
Able to raise support tickets Optional Included
Support coverage Optional Included

Download Solarflare Enterprise Application Acceleration Middleware Product Brief

For customers that want e-mail or phone support 24x7 for all Solarflare software products, Solarflare offers Enterprise Service and Support (ESS).

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