Solarflare University Program

By providing access to the ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE) hardware and development kits at a substantial educational discount, the Solarflare University Program provides FPGA-based products for classroom instruction in computer science and computer engineering and enables computer science researchers to pioneer advances in Custom Compute.

SFA6902F ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE)





SFA6902F ApplicationOnload Engine (AOE)

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The Solarflare AOE is an ideal open platform for focused university research, application development, and classroom experimentation on Custom Compute because its bump-in-the-wire architecture combines an advanced FPGA acceleration engine with a field-proven high-performance, low-latency 10G Ethernet server adapter. With an industry proven Linux networking driver stack and OpenOnload application acceleration middleware, the AOE comes with a complete data path to the host. The program also includes a comprehensive firmware development kit integrated with the Altera Quartus II software allowing researchers to concentrate on computer science and application development.

The Program works with and complements the Altera University Program and other industry organizations including OpenFPGA to support application development and computer science by students and university researchers by using FPGAs. Members of the academic community receive:

  • Access to the Solarflare AOE hardware and firmware development kit at an educational discount
  • Eligibility to enter Custom Compute Innovation Awards with winners receiving promotion and cash prizes
  • Connection to the Solarflare AOE Partner Network of world-class application developers, and FPGA design services, tools, and IP providers
  • Complimentary attendance at Solarflare's annual Partner Networking Event
  • University promotion through prominent display of University's logo on Program website
  • Permission to display Solarflare and AOE logos on University's website

To learn more about becoming a member of the Solarflare University Program community, please fill out the Program Registration Form.