Solarflare Partner Programs

We help strong partners grow their businesses with innovative solutions that complement their existing offerings.

AOE Program

AOE Partner Network

Solarflare's ApplicationOnload® Engine (AOE) is an open platform that utilizes applications developed by Solarflare, Solarflare's customers and third-party developers. To accelerate the development and deployment of real-time network data processing applications for the AOE platform, Solarflare has created the AOE Partner Network for working with industry-leading companies in FPGA design and development services.

The AOE Partner Network provides Solarflare's partners with development and test tools as well as technical support. The Network also promotes partner products and services to customers and to other development partners, and provides end customers with an ecosystem of AOE development partners.

To apply for membership complete the AOE Partner Registration Form.

  • Simplifying Development & Deployment of Applications with AOE
    Solarflare offers three go-to-market models for streamlining the development and deployment of applications with the AOE.

Development and Design Partners

  • Algo-Logic Website


    Algo-Logic builds high frequency trading solutions that have the lowest delay and time variation bounds possible. By implementing Low Latency Library with order processing algorithms in FPGA hardware, sub-microsecond (µs) processing delays with only nanoseconds (ns) of time variation is achieved, which is impossible to obtain in software. Algo-Logic offers finance protocol parsing libraries with support for FIX, OUCH, XPRS, ArcaDirect, BOE, and LSE, and a pre-built infrastructure for reduced time to market.
    visit Algo-Logic website

  • Concurrent EDA Website

    Concurrent EDA

    Concurrent EDA has automated the design of high-performance ApplicationOnload Engines. Concurrent Analytics SaaS – Reduces risk, time and cost of your project by analyzing your software application using your data to 1) quantify performance bottlenecks, 2) determine the best hardware/software partition, 3) estimate hardware area required to achieve your performance goal; and 4) quantify design cost. This service is automated and completed within 1 week. Concurrent Acceleration SaaS – Produces faster designs in shorter design times by directly synthesizing your x86 software into a high-performance FPGA design. Bit-for-bit accuracy with your x86 software is guaranteed. Over 1 million lines of high-performance HDL have been deployed.
    visit Concurrent EDA website

  • Impulse Accelerated Technologies Website

    Impulse Accelerated Technologies

    Impulse is a world leader in software-to-hardware technologies enabling FPGA-based embedded and accelerated computing. Our products and services allow software and hardware development teams to use familiar and productive software programming methods when creating FPGA applications for finance, defense, aerospace, life sciences, and other performance-critical applications. We can refactor your existing microprocessor code to run optimally on FPGA or create projects from you specifications. Impulse includes with your design files, multiple levels of verification test suites including cycle accurate tests compatible with ModelSim or Aldec Active-HDL. Contact us to discuss your application requirements.
    visit Impulse Tech website