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Now you can selectively deploy network services to accelerate, monitor and secure applications within your network.

Capture SolarSystem

Capture SolarSystem is a pre-configured, optimized and enhanced capture soft-appliance solution delivered as a set of packages ready to be installed on qualified server hardware running RHEL 7. Capture SolarSystem significantly lowers the cost of packet capture and storage with the introduction of an open, soft-appliance solution providing high-performance hardware time-stamped Ethernet packet capture, persisted storage and query on qualified off-the-shelf server hardware.

Capture SolarSystem Soft Appliance

Instrumenting networks has long been a key goal for a number of compelling reasons including Network Forensics, Financial Market Analytics, Regulatory Requirements, Risk Management, Threat Detection, SLA Compliance, Performance Monitoring and more. Unfortunately the main barrier to implementing more than minimum instrumentation required for a specific purpose has long been the capture hardware appliance model. Capture SolarSystem is an open, soft-appliance solution that lowers the cost of packet capture and provides high-performance hardware time-stamped Ethernet packet capture and pervasive enterprise data recording, retention and query.

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Download Capture SolarSystem v1.2 Remote Aggregation​ Case Study

Solution Paks

The Capture SolarSystem and SolarCapture® Pro Solution Paks are complete turnkey packet capture solutions for financial services, security and enterprises. The Solution Paks streamline the Capture SolarSystem and SolarCapture Pro deployments by providing out-of-the-box preconfigured SFN7124F and SFN7142Q adapters with factory installed software licenses.

  • Active Distributed Security with AOE
    The AOE can be deployed across the enterprise running a variety of security applications, providing real-time threat analysis.