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Cloud Networking and Server Virtualization

Cloud networking and server virtualization today require more than just the ability to support server consolidation. To meet customer requirements, cloud and virtualization solutions must scale in performance, protect data integrity, and support service level agreements, all while supporting the broad set of virtualization and virtual cloud features available from the virtual OS providers: VMware, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper V and Linux KVM. Whether building a private, public, or hybrid cloud, IT departments must deliver secure services at near-native application performance with minimal perceived latency.

Cloud Networking and Server Virtualization Papers

  • Accelerating Red Hat Enterprise | Docker containers running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Solarflare Onload network acceleration | April 2015

    This paper provides installation, configuration and tuning guidance for Docker containers running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Solarflare Onload network acceleration. It introduces container-related enhancements specific to Red Hat’s distribution, such as the atomic utility, the implementation of “super-privileged containers” (SPC) and heavily builds upon the Low Latency Performance Tuning Guide for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Finally, it provides a comparison of Onload-accelerated bare metal network latency tests versus Onload-accelerated Linux containers.

  • Accelerating the Cloud Brief | Maximizing Network Performance in Virtualized Data Centers | September 2014

  • Scalable Data Center Solution Brief | Building a Scalable Virtualized Data Center with the Solarflare SFN7002F 10GbE Server Adapter | September 2014