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Custom Compute

Computers have always been able to perform specific tasks with the addition of application software. Solarflare's ApplicationOnload® Engine – AOE – transforms this model by enabling compute-intensive host software to be embedded in network adapter hardware. This greatly accelerates application performance, improves server utilization by reducing CPU, memory and I/O loads and provides an ultra-low latency interface to the network.

This is Custom Compute.

The transformation of network data processing can be beneficial to many big-data networking environments, including electronic/high-frequency trading, government and financial security, scientific research, bioinformatics/healthcare, military, analytics, oil and gas exploration, plus digital media production and broadcast, among others.

Through the use of AOE's Firmware Development Kit (FDK) – which includes a comprehensive development environment featuring standard development tools, a host of services, APIs, and a full data path infrastructure – customized applications can be brought to market more quickly.

In addition to Solarflare-developed applications, Solarflare's AOE Partner Network can provide pre-existing applications or can design, build and deploy customized AOE applications to meet customer-specific requirements, providing a range of deployment options.

An Open Platform with Unlimited Application Potential

Solarflare Customized Compute Diagram

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  • Solarflare and Altera
    Building the Custom Compute Platform

  • Creating the Custom Compute Platform
    AOE represents a unique integration of a high-performance server adapter and an advanced FPGA processing engine, capable of on-the-fly processing of network data.

  • AOE – Breakthrough Technology Breaks
    Performance Barriers

    AOE's on-board FPGA provides on-the-fly processing of network data, overcoming performance obstacles that multi-core processors can't.

  • Active Distributed Security with AOE
    The AOE can be deployed across the enterprise running a variety of security applications, providing real-time threat analysis.