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Appflex Software

Flareon® Server I/O Adapters with AppFlex® software provide a flexible platform for delivering multiple network services with a single server adapter. Flareon adapters enable selectively adding, distributing and controlling a wide range of services such as network monitoring, precision time, security, and application acceleration when deploying servers.

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SFS-OOL Onload™ AppFlex license for Flareon
SFS-PM Performance Monitor AppFlex license for Flareon
SFS-PTP PTP with Hardware Time Stamping AppFlex license for Flareon
SFS-SSFE SolarSecure™ Filter Engine AppFlex license and 1 year maintenance for Flareon
SFS-SSFE-MAINT SolarSecure Filter Engine license 1 year maintenance renewal

The above can be ordered from your preferred reseller: