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“We built a security engine encrypted into the hardware that protects every single server and every application on that server…” –CEO, Russell Stern

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Solarflare named a winner of the Info Security PG 2017 Global Excellence Awards in the New Product and Services category. | See Awards Piece

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08.08.17 / SOLARFLARE DEMONSTRATES NEW STORAGE FABRIC THAT STAYS TRUE TO ETHERNET: NVMe™ OVER TCP Great performance but with standard Ethernet TCP we all know and love

07.25.17 / SOLARFLARE OPENS MARKET FOR 10 MILLION FIREWALLS PER YEAR WITH WORLD’S FIRST NIC-BASED HARDWARE SERVER FIREWALL SolarSecure: a platform for security micro segmentation and machine learning

07.19.17 / SOLARFLARE USHERS IN NEW ERA OF SMART NIC FABRICS, 10,000 CONNECTIONS PER RACK MATCHES A HUMAN NEURON Industry leaders like Google and Microsoft are instrumenting thousands of servers with FPGA-based Smart NICs & security chips. Solarflare is first to provide a scalable fabric with a standard NIC.

06.06.17 / SOLARFLARE LICENSES PIONEERING XTREMESCALE TECHNOLOGIES FOR NEURAL-CLASS NETWORKS Solarflare licenses the use of XtremeScale IP for use in certain networking products

05.03.17 / SOLARFLARE AND LDA TECHNOLOGIES HARNESS THE POWER OF XILINX FPGAs TO ACHIEVE BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE IN ELECTRONIC TRADING Best-in-class "tick-to-trade" latency slashed from 250 nanoseconds to 120 nanoseconds

03.08.17 / SOLARFLARE DEBUTS OPEN COMPUTE PLATFORM (OCP) SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKING INTERFACE CARD (NIC) Delivers 1000s Virtual NICs for Ultimate Scalability with the Lowest Possible Latency

11.21.16 / SOLARFLARE DRIVES VISION FOR NEXT-GEN SERVER NETWORKING SOLUTIONS Industry Luminary Ahmet Houssein Joins Executive Team to Grow, Capture and Secure New Market Opportunities

10.11.16 / SOLARFLARE’S PERFORMANCE AND SECURITY SOLUTIONS GENERATE STRATEGIC OEM AGREEMENT WITH GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LEADER Partnership Expands Distribution and One-stop Shop Access with Dell’s World-class Technology, Services and Support

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04.11.17 / Thomson Reuters

Cyber warfare: How to fix dumb?
by CEO Russell Stern