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Precision Time

Precision Time Synchronization

Solarflare's Flareon and Onload Precision Time Protocol (PTP) server adapters transform time synchronization by increasing accuracy from milliseconds to microseconds. Solarflare is the only company offering 10GbE PTP server adapter with a Stratum 3 clock to maintain high precision. Solarflare's Precision Time Synchronization solutions combine the lowest latency at highest message rates with the highest server clock accuracy and precision packet time stamping – all in a single server slot operating over a single 10GbE network.

Solarflare Adapter

Companies that need to monitor and track the time of transactions such as financial services, Web 2.0 and service providers can now achieve sub-microsecond time accuracy while accelerating server application performance. Time synchronization and time stamping are essential elements when it comes to timing-sensitive applications such as market data feeds, order processing, industrial automation, geological sciences, and telecomm synchronization, among others.

Solarflare has pioneered the convergence of precision time synchronization technology from dedicated networks and appliances to integrated server adapters, configured with standard Linux tools to greatly simplify deployment and network management. By using standard Ethernet hardware and networking APIs, Solarflare's PTP server adapters simplify configuration and management, eliminating dedicated equipment and specialized onsite personnel expenses. Time synchronization services can now be configured and managed in remote colocated servers across many geographies in-band from a single location.

Solarflare's PTP server adapters also support a Pulse Per Second (1PPS) input circuit to calibrate the PTP offset, and a 1PPS output circuit precisely aligned to the PTP adapter's Stratum 3 clock.

Lab Tested Interoperability

Solarflare's PTP server adapters have been tested with the leading precision time synchronization manufacturers to ensure interoperability and provide a complete, easy-to-configure and easy-to-deploy precise time synchronization solution.

  • Cisco


    The low-latency, high-performance Cisco Nexus 3000 Series Ethernet switch supports IEEE 1588v2 today.
    Visit Cisco website

  • End Run Technologies

    EndRun Technologies

    The EndRun Technologies PTP/IEEE 1588 Clocks are advanced PTP Grandmasters as well as high capacity NTP servers that synchronize the most demanding network clients with unmatched accuracy, reliability and security.
    visit EndRun Technologies website

  • FSM Labs


    FSMLabs is the developer of TimeKeeper Software and other enterprise real-time software. TimeKeeper increases time distribution resilience and precision, supports both NTP and PTP, will act as both server and client, and works well with all GPS clocks and other time references.
    Visit FSMLabs website

  • IBM


    The IBM System Networking RackSwitch™ G8264 and RackSwitch G8316 switches support the configuration of PTP ordinary clock and transparent clock.
    Visit IBM website

  • Meinberg


    Meinberg's LANTIME timeservers can be individually configured by choosing between different form factors, power supply options, reference time sources, plus additional interfaces or outputs.
    Visit Meinberg website

  • Spectracom


    For more than three decades, customers have relied on Spectracom's time and frequency products to support communications equipment and networks with reliable timing and synchronization.
    Visit Spectracom website

  • Symmetricon


    Symmetricom is a world leader in the development of precise time technology and solutions. Customers depend on Symmetricom for advanced timing technologies and the highest levels of timing accuracy, reliability, service, performance and expertise.
    Visit Symmetricom website