Neural-Class Core Density from Qualcomm

A single data center rack equipped with 38 servers—each with a pair of Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400 Server processor —delivers 3,648 cores to achieve the neural-class core density needed by scale-out cloud applications such as web hosting and big data analytics, to name just a few. | Read Press Release

Neural-Class Connectivity from Solarflare

Solarflare NICs designed under its XtremeScale Architecture feature neural-class connectivity to over 2,000 Centriq Arm servers, VMs or containers. XtremeScale NICs are the first standard NICs which can provide micro segmented network telemetry, acceleration and security which scales alongside Arm servers.

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NIC Fabrics for Centriq Arm Servers

For network traffic engineers designing data centers with the highest levels efficiency, Solarflare APIs provide access to XtremeScale NIC fabric services so they may be deployed in automated network service chains.

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Putting it all Together for NGINX

NGINX is the world’s most popular open source application delivery platform for high traffic sites, powering over 300 million properties. Centriq Arm servers running the Solarflare Onload® kernel bypass fabric service, deliver 60% higher NGINX connection rates, 35% more container throughput, 50% lower latency--all while eliminating system jitter.

Solarflare NICs for Centriq Solutions Brief

Download this solutions brief for an overview of about Qualcomm Centriq 2400 Arm processors, Solarflare XtremeScale networks, and how they complement each other for applications such as NGINX web hosting.

Solutions Brief