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SolarSecure Distributed, Active Security

SolarSecure™ is the first distributed, active security solution that is implemented within the prime targets of cyber attacks – network servers. SolarSecure provides a new level of server protection to mission critical internal networks vulnerable to cyber security breaches.

Recent, highly publicized security breaches demonstrate that assailants are targeting enterprise-networked servers where business critical applications and sensitive data are stored, ironically remaining unprotected at the edge. SolarSecure is a first-of-its-kind security solution that empowers the enterprise with the technological sophistication necessary to effectively capture and enforce security policies to rate limit and block malicious traffic before it penetrates the operating system or applications on network servers, all without requiring any additional hardware.

The SolarSecure security layer is deployed with Solarflare's industry-leading Flareon® 10/40GbE network adapters to seamlessly deploy a new level of protection across the enterprise, delivering integrated, real-time, active protection of targeted corporate assets.

secure umbrella

SolarSecure adds security and monitoring capabilities to all servers in the enterprise network, including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Packet Capture, Time Synchronization and Time Stamping, providing active protection throughout an organization. SolarSecure also provides a fully compatible interface with other network security and monitoring tools, and security, information, and event management (SIEM) systems.

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