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The SolarCapture system comprises a flexible, configurable family of products to support a range of packet capture and network and application performance management requirements, from complete packaged appliances to a customizable development kit, supporting lossless packet capture of up to 40 GbE. Leveraging the industry-leading Solarflare software and hardware technology, with an open disaggregated solution that enables the use of third party analytics packages and industry-standard servers, SolarCapture can be used for a range of applications. These range from stand-alone packet capture systems through to sophisticated service assurance, business intelligence and custom application feeds for a range of security, regulatory and compliance needs.

SolarCapture Server

The SolarCapture Server is an open appliance with pre-configured server hardware, supporting up to 40 GbE lossless capture and persisted storage of packet and flow data, with hardware time-stamping for ultimate accuracy and precision. With its cost-effective architecture, SolarCapture Server can be easily and quickly placed anywhere in the network that capture is needed. Uses include network troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, monitoring service level agreements, security requirements, network forensics, record keeping, and performance monitoring and tuning. With its powerful indexing architecture and easy to use graphical user interface, SolarCapture enables real time analytics, as well as being able to export data to third party systems as needed. The SolarCapture Server can be used in a range of applications where data monitoring is needed to fuel business operations, including Banks and Financial Institutions, Government and Defense, Internet Service Providers, Telecoms Operators, Manufacturing and Retail organizations. With its open, disaggregated architecture, SolarCapture provides a future-proof, cloud-ready platform that maximizes flexibility and performance while minimizing return on investment time.

SolarCapture System

The SolarCapture System is a software-based solution that provides all the functionality of the SolarCapture Server as described above, provided as software with a Solarflare adapter card to be deployed by customers on existing industry-standard servers, maximizing the utilization of rack space and leveraging existing infrastructure. Solarflare has pre-qualified a number of reference server configurations from leading vendors in order to provide a tested level of performance. SolarCapture System can be deployed alongside SolarCapture Server appliances according to business needs and installed infrastructure, maximizing both breadth and depth of data capture.

SolarCapture Pro

SolarCapture Pro provides real-time capture of packets, forwarding them to a libpcap API with the insertion of hardware timestamps. Supporting up to 2 x 40 GbE capture, SolarCapture Pro is available with Solarflare SFN7000 and SFN8000 series adapters.

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