Solarflare Solutions

Leverage Solarflare server solutions for a wide range of environments and markets.

Solutions Overview

Solarflare offers innovative, comprehensive 10G Ethernet solutions in a wide range of applications and industries including cloud networking and virtualization, financial services, high-performance computing, and storage. Our comprehensive portfolio of 10GbE server adapters and application acceleration middleware products provides customers with industry-leading solutions.

SolarSecure Distributed, Active Security

SolarSecure™ is the first distributed, active security solution that is implemented within the prime targets of cyber attacks – network servers. SolarSecure provides a new level of server protection to mission critical internal networks vulnerable to cyber security breaches. SolarSecure is deployed with Solarflare’s industry-leading Flareon® 10/40GbE network adapters to seamlessly deploy a new level of protection across the enterprise.

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Web Applications & Content Delivery Networks

Solarflare offers network solutions for accelerating Content Delivery Networking (CDN), Video on Demand (VoD), NoSQL and key value store databases (Memcached). With our combination of software applications and network I/O hardware including SolarSecure Filter Engine, Onload™, and SolarCapture®, we can help you build a network platform that delivers and accelerates multiple services.

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Cloud networking and server virtualization today require more than just the ability to support server consolidation. To meet customer requirements, cloud and virtualization solutions must scale in performance, protect data integrity, and support service level agreements, all while supporting the broad set of virtualization and virtual cloud features available from the virtual OS providers: VMware, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper V and Linux KVM. Whether building a private, public, or hybrid cloud, IT departments must deliver secure services at near-native application performance with minimal perceived latency.

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High Performance Computing (HPC)

High performance computing organizations around the world have embraced cluster computing with standard commercial off-the-shelf servers, Linux operating systems, and other Open Source technologies. Solarflare's Ethernet and Open Source-based solutions are currently used in the USA and Europe to accelerate computing processes in Green Energy research (plasma fusion), weather modeling, energy exploration, seismic analysis, reservoir management and 3D visualization.

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Electronic/High Frequency Trading

Solarflare offers customers the lowest latency networking solutions for electronic/high frequency trading and other financial services applications with its high-performance 10GbE server adapters and Onload application acceleration middleware. These products enable customers to leverage their existing Ethernet and IP infrastructures while achieving the absolute lowest latency with no need to modify applications.

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Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Solarflare has pioneered the convergence of time synchronization technology from dedicated networks and appliances to integrated server adapters, remotely configured with standard Linux tools to greatly simplify deployment and network management. By using standard Ethernet hardware and networking APIs, Solarflare eliminates the dedicated equipment and specialized onsite personnel typically required to perform these tasks.

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Many customers are looking for high-speed, scalable, parallel access, TCP/IP and Ethernet-friendly back-end storage options. Solarflare is delivering optimized solutions for NFS, NAS and other Ethernet-based storage while working to accelerate the adoption of pNFS and other advanced storage technologies.

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Custom Compute

Solarflare's ApplicationOnload® Engine – AOE – transforms the network data processing model by enabling selected, compute-intensive host software to be embedded in network adapter hardware. This greatly accelerates application performance, improves server utilization by reducing CPU, memory and I/O loads and provides an ultra-low latency interface to the network. This is Custom Compute.

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