World record trading performance is powered by Solarflare Application Nanosecond TCP Send (ANTS) technology running in the LDA FPGA combined with Solarflare Onload kernel bypass technology running on XtremeScale NICs.

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Solarflare and the Ultimate Trading Machine project team lowered the world record for tick-to-trade networking latency to 98 nanoseconds based on the new STAC-TO benchmark. STAC-T0 measures the time between transmission of simulated UDP market data to the system and receipt of simulated TCP orders from it, without the system performing any trading logic or market-specific protocol handling.

The server used for this benchmark testing consists of a Penguin Computing Relion® XE1112 server with dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Skylake) processors, XtremeScale 8722 software-defined NICs from Solarflare, and Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGAs running the LDA Lightspeed TCP™ core. Penguin Computing Relion XE1112 servers, configured as Ultimate Trading Machines, can be custom ordered today.

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“Everyone wants to be at the top of the queue in a first-in, first-out matching engine, and traders can get to the top by being faster and smarter than the competition,” said Rob D’Arco, CEO of Rival Systems. “Anytime we can provide our clients a faster tick-to-trade time; they’re trading with a competitive advantage.”

A podcast discussion with Vahan Sardaryan, CEO & Founder of LDA Technologies, about the STAC-T0 Benchmark test results.  Hear about the significance of 98 nanoseconds, in layman’s terms how the feat was accomplished, and how we can move the bar even lower.