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When performance, precision, flexibility and latency matter, our 10/40GbE server I/O adapters are the smart choice.

Stratus Adapters

Stratus-Branded 10GbE Adapters

Solarflare 10G Ethernet adapters are available as fully supported factory options directly from Stratus Technologies and Stratus Technologies authorized resellers. Solarflare server adapters optimize Stratus's ftServer Gen 8 and ftScalable Gen 3 platforms delivering unmatched message rates with low latency and jitter over standard Ethernet along with low CPU utilization, enabling the industry's best performance and scalability for enterprise data center environments.

Solarflare's Stratus-branded SFN7122F-ST server adapters utilize a cut-through architecture that delivers exceptional performance, including high throughput, high IOPS and efficient CPU utilization. Solarflare's Stratus-branded SFN7122F-ST server adapters are also fully compatible with Onload™, a high-performance kernel-bypass network stack that delivers the lowest latency and the highest message rate in the industry while maintaining full application compatibility with TCP and UDP support.

Available from Stratus and Stratus authorized resellers as a fully supported factory option, the combination of the Stratus SFN7122F-ST with Stratus ftServer and ftScalable storage enables the industry's highest levels of availability and ultra-fast, consistent processing and will keep trading platforms always-on and processing at the highest speeds available on the market.

Stratus/Solarflare Cross References

Stratus Model NumberStratus Part Number
SFN7122F-ST U116-P

10 GbE Server Adapters

SFN7122F-ST (Stratus P/N U116-P)

Flareon Ultra Dual-Port 10GbE SFP+ PCIe 3.0 Server I/O Adapter

Stratus P/N U116-P Dual-Port 10GbE Server Adapter
  • Industry-leading latency and highest message rates with full set of stateless offloads
  • With two 10GbE ports, 40 Gbps of bidirectional line rate throughput is delivered to critical applications
  • Maximum number of virtual NICs and virtual functions for scalable virtualization performance
  • Supports Solarflare Onload, unique application acceleration middleware, providing direct sockets connection to applications
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