Fabric Services

10/25/40/50/100G Ethernet NICs for neural-class data centers that need ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency + a NIC platform for micro-segmented acceleration, security and telemetry.


Fabrics are the New Normal

According to SDXcentral.com, “The data center fabric, generically, is the layout of how the computing, networking, and software components of a data center work together to deliver IT services. It is also the name of Facebook's specific data center plan called “data center fabric.”

The authors of the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking, say that fabrics are the new normal, and that most (switch) vendors offer fabric solutions, because they provide programmability and centralized point of control.

Hyperscale CSPs Move Fabrics to the NIC

Massive cloud service providers put the “hyper” in scale with highly distributed data center architectures that grow infinitely by adding server nodes. They needed network services to scale with each server, and granular networking policies down to a single container microservice. So they invented and deployed their own NIC fabrics.

One example of a hyperscale NIC fabric is Microsoft’s well-publicized Project Catapult. Wired magazine writes that, “Project Catapult is the technology behind Microsoft's hyperscale acceleration fabric, and is at the center of a comprehensive set of investments Microsoft is making to build a supercomputing substrate that can accelerate our efforts in networking, security, cloud services and artificial intelligence.”

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Microsoft Bets its Future On a Repogrammable Chip

VMware Introduces Software-based NIC Fabric

In 2017, VMware introduced a commercially available version of a software-based vNIC fabric with their NSX platform and micro-segmented security offering. According to a recent IT Brand Pulse survey, almost 40% of IT organizations are investigating NSX micro-segmented fabric policies that are enforced at the vNIC.

The NSX platform
Is made up of distributed networking
elements embedded in each hypervisor
Enabling fine-grained network
policies enforced at the vNIC

Solarflare Unveils 1st Hardware-based NIC Fabric

At the same time VMware was rolling out software-based NIC fabrics, Solarflare changed the fabric landscape by unveiling the first hardware-based NIC fabric. XtremeScale Fabric Services join NSX fabric services and switch fabric services from vendors such as Cisco, to work together as an overall data center fabric.

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Solarflare XtremeScale Fabric Services

Solarflare XtremeScale fabric services allow network engineers to increase the efficiency and security of their applications by deploying more workloads on less servers, by protecting traffic inside the data center, and by monitoring valuable packet and flow information on any server with a general-purpose NIC. For distributed environments, fabric processing power scales with every NIC, and fine-grained network policies are possible because they can be applied for every server, VM or container.

Xtremescale Fabric

XtremeScale Fabric Services
Fabric Service
Features and Benefits
Fabric Network
Universal Kernel Bypass (UKB) technology uses POSIX-compliant TCP to accelerate network traffic. Proven in top exchanges around the world, UKB is an excellent solution for web hosting, CDN, container fabrics and NVMe storage fabrics which require low-latency communications without jitter.
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XtremeScale NICs are the only general-purpose NICs which can provide over 1,000 vNIC connections. For highly distributed database, analytics and machine learning apps, XtremeScale NICs can provide connectivity to 2,048 virtual networks.
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Traffic Engineering
Data from packet and flow meters allows network engineers to shape traffic to suit the specific needs of each application server.
Fabric Network
All XtremeScale fabric services can scale with each physical NIC, enabling deployment of fine-grained network policies. Select services can be implemented per VM or container.
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For market feeds or electronic trading apps that require monitoring and capturing of packets precisely across the network, PTP delivers precise, synchronized time stamping of packets down to the single-digit nanosecond
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Complements firewall perimeter security with packet surveillence, filtering, cloaking and firewalling for any server inside a data center with a general-purpose NIC.
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Real-time monitoring, inspection and capture of packets needed for network performance management, security analytics, or compliance. Packet data can be forwarded to a libpcap API or saved to a file with hardware timestamps.
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Lightning fast NVMe SSDs connect to a PCIe bus inside a server. NVMe over fabric support on XtremeScale NICs extends the PCI bus over a network with access times approaching internal storage performance.