Accelerating Real-World Applications With Solarflare’s Cloud Onload®

Our last blog discussed how the combination of Solarflare’s Cloud Onload® application acceleration software and XtremeScale 10/25/40/50/100 GbE adapters significantly increases I/O performance for cloud applications. There are a variety of applications whose performance is heavily impacted by I/O performance, including in-memory databases (IMDBs), software load balancers (SLBs), and web services — all of which can benefit significantly from Solarflare’s Cloud Onload.

Today, we will examine how these capabilities can provide significant business value to a specific cloud application – the Redis IMDB application.

Redis, one of the newer IMDB offerings, is an excellent example of the value Solarflare’s Cloud Onload  application acceleration platform can provide to cloud applications. Solarflare recently benchmarked Cloud Onload and a kernel driver across multiple Redis instances, and at various network speeds demonstrating that Cloud Onload nearly doubled Redis performance on 25GbE networks and provided significantly higher performance than kernel drivers on a 100GbE network when up to 18 Redis instances are utilized, as shown in the chart below.

Benchmarks on other applications such as HAProxy and NGINX software load balancers have shown between a 2X and 10X increase in application performance. Benchmarks like these illustrate the value of Solarflare’s Cloud Onload application acceleration platform for business-critical applications. By reducing latency and increasing application transaction rates, Solarflare’s Cloud Onload increases system scalability, improves Quality of Service (QoS), and reduces application Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing server capital expenses (CapEx), and the operational expenses (OpEx) associated with managing servers.

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