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Cloud Onload

Application acceleration platform for
cloud data centers

Cloud Onload delivers 400% or more improvement in application acceleration, with significantly reduced CPU utilization

Enhance Customer Experiences.
Reduce End-User Abandonment.
Increase ROI.

Solarflare’s Cloud Onload® software dramatically accelerates and scales network-intensive applications such as in-memory databases, software load balancers, and web servers. With Cloud Onload, data centers can support 400% or more users on their cloud network while delivering improved reliability, enhanced quality of service (QoS) and higher return on investment, without modification to existing applications.

Cloud Onload allows data centers to realize:

  • Improved elasticity and efficiency, leading to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increased peak transaction rates, eliminating service brownouts
  • Reduced network jitter with greater response times, equating to superior quality of service

Add 400% or more users

Improve message rates by 100%

Minimize server footprint 25% or more

Reduce latency by 50%

Experience near zero jitter

Maximize capex & opex

Enhance quality of service

Extending Data Center Investments

Cloud Onload delivers a return on capex investments by allowing data centers to redeploy 25% or more of their load-balancing servers for other tasks. Alternatively, data centers can attain a reduction in operational expenses (opex) by shrinking the overall server footprint.

How Fast Can Your Applications Go?

Cloud Onload accelerates nearly all network-intensive TCP-based applications. Typical performance improvements when utilizing Cloud Onload include:

Use CaseApplication(s)Performance IncreaseBenchmark Documents

In-Memory Databases
Couchbase, Memcached, Redis100%Redis Benchmark Results

Memcached Benchmark Results

Software Load Balancers
NGINX Plus, HAProxy400%HAProxy Benchmark Results

NGINX Proxy Benchmark Results

Web Servers/
NGINX Plus, Netty.io50%NGINX Plus Web Server Benchmark Results Benchmark Results

Cookbooks are available for all of the above benchmark results. To obtain a copy, contact Solarflare Sales.

Ensuring Uptime and Network Compatibility

Cloud Onload is built from the same Solarflare I/O software technology that powers nearly every financial market and high-frequency trading application on the planet. POSIX compliant, Cloud Onload ensures compatibility with TCP-based applications, management tools, and network infrastructures. In addition, Cloud Onload provides RDMA-like performance without requiring a forklift upgrade to the data center’s network infrastructure, and can be deployed across x86-based platforms running Linux – bare metal, virtual machine or container.

Running on XtremeScale™

Solarflare’s XtremeScale 10/25/40/50/100GbE network adapter portfolio is optimized to enable Cloud Onload to accelerate your data center for maximum performance.

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