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Electronic Trading

Enabling the industry’s fastest trading solutions

The World’s Economy Runs on Solarflare

The high stakes world of electronic trading, investment banks, market makers, hedge funds and exchanges demand the lowest possible latency and jitter, while increasing transaction times.

Solarflare is the leader in ultra-low latency for electronic trading, with over 2,000 customers worldwide – comprising 95% of the exchanges, large banks and High-Frequency Traders (HFTs).

Electronic Trading Solutions

Solarflare offers a number of low latency solutions to meet the needs of the industry’s most demanding customers.


Solarflare’s suite of Onload acceleration solutions are designed for network intensive cloud applications. The suite enables increased efficiency, higher transaction rates, and deterministic performance.

Key features include:

  • No modifications to existing trading applications
  • Dramatically reduces jitter to nearly zero
  • Lowers latency from five or more microseconds to nearly one microsecond


An extremely rich feature set targeted at obtaining the lowest possible latency between the application and network.

  • Included in Solarflare’s Onload acceleration software
  • Achieve extremely low latency with minimal modification to applications
  • Suitable for deployments on enterprise networks


Solarflare’s patented Application Nanosecond TCP Send (ANTS) feature combines Solarflare’s Application Onload™ Engine (AOE) FPGA based network adapters with Solarflare’s Onload Delegated Send feature to provide the lowest possible latency in the industry – as low as 98 nanoseconds tick-to-trade. ANTS works in concert with Onload and TCPDirect to establish and maintain the TCP connection with the exchange.