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Networked Storage

Achieving microsecond access to storage

Solarflare’s NVMe-oF Solution Works with Your Current Ethernet Network

Solarflare XtremeScale Ethernet adapters help Scale Out Flash Storage realize RDMA-like performance, without the hassles of RDMA. Scale Out Flash Storage is the concept of present flash storage from hundreds or thousands of industry-standard servers on a single storage image or namespace. Also known as disaggregated flash storage, Scale Out Flash Storage has been adopted by hyperscale cloud providers, enterprises, and service providers as a way of getting the best of both local flash storage performance, and “centralized” storage management. With the advent of new technologies such as Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabric, Scale Out Flash Storage now has the potential of achieving the low latencies of local flash storage.

Solarflare’s NVMe-oF Stack:

Lower latency, lower cost, easy to deploy

The Problem: RDMA is SO Last Century

Storage networking has not gotten a refresh in over a decade, iSCI re-transmits, iWARP, fibre channel and InfinBand, etc. NVMe-oF is a new way of networking that addresses the issues with last century technology.

The Solution: NVMe-oF by Solarflare

Solarflare’s NVMe-oF initiator and target stacks utilize industry-standard TCP. When combined with our Onload kernel bypass technology, the result is lower latency than other fiber channel or TCP-based NVMe-oF transports, lower CPU utilization, and the ability to use commodity L2 Ethernet switches.

Why Solarflare is the Right Answer for Networked Storage

Amazing small packet performance – up to 63 MP/sec

1000s of virtual network overlays or container per server

Onload building blocks to optimize I/O performance

Instrumented for telemetry to monitor server performance