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Application acceleration software

Enhance Customer Experiences. Reduce Abandonment. Increase ROI.

Solarflare’s Onload® software solution significantly accelerates network-intensive applications such as those found in electronic trading and cloud environments. With Onload, data centers can support up to 4x more users on their existing cloud network while experiencing improved reliability, increased quality of service and higher return on investment.

Why Onload?

Applications utilizing kernel based networking, are limited in efficiency due to large numbers of memory copies, lots of context switching, high interrupt rate, and lock contention.

Solarflare’s Onload software acceleration allows data centers to handle larger peak loads, improve quality of service, and deliver deterministic response times. This enables the infrastructure to realize lower costs while creating unprecedented service levels.

Onload eliminates Linux networking stack penalties, allowing your application to deliver greater transactions per second (TPS) from your existing infrastructure, without modifying applications. Onload software uses industry-standard POSIX interfaces and is fully interoperable with standard DevOps tools; enabling management at scale.

For best in class application performance, Onload delivers near zero jitter and ultra-low latency across platforms that require deterministic behavior. These include distributed applications such as in-memory databases, web servers, and software load balancers; accelerating the foundational components of today’s cloud environments.

Onload scales performance by 4X thereby improving data center utilization. As a result, cloud architects can deploy 75% fewer servers to accomplish the same tasks with improved Quality of Service.

How Onload Delivers

Onload bypasses the kernel and operates in userspace, freeing up CPU cycles for the main application, ultimately improving overall transaction rates. Additionally, Onload enables fast connect and disconnect times allowing for greater connectivity while supporting all industry-standard TCP/IP stacks.

4x More User Requests

80% Reduced Latency

Near Zero Jitter

100% More Requests

2-3X Improved Message Rates

How Onload kernel bypass accelerates performance

  • By streamlining and reducing interrupts, context switches and data copies
  • By reducing latency 50% and increasing message rates 4x or more

Seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure

  • Binary compatible with industry standard APIs
  • No software modifications are needed
  • Standards-based solution uses TCP/IP and UDP
  • No specialized protocols needed

Available with Solarflare XtremeScale Ethernet adapters
and support