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Server Security

Delivering security with zero CPU impact

Solarflare’s ServerLock Reduces Server Vulnerabilities

Server to server communication is the source for internal breaches. ServerLock by Solarflare provides visualization, control and isolation allowing you to react correctly to potential issues.

The Problem: Servers inside the data center are becoming more vulnerable to internal attacks

Three quarters of all network traffic occur within the data center. Applications create a volume of east-west traffic which is astronomical and growing exponentially. Today’s cloud data centers provide a target-rich playing field for devious and malicious attackers.

The Solution: ServerLock, a separated control plane for security

Solarflare addresses this problem by embedding an agent-less platform within XtremeScale Ethernet adapters that enables a kernel-free firewall, with software orchestration of security policies. For a better secured network, ServerLock discovers every application data flow and enforces security policies that enable valid business transactions, while shutting down malicious attacks.

Why Solarflare is the Right Answer for Data Center Security

Tamper resistant – no host software to attack

No compromise on latency

Secure every packet, on every server

Security policy management made easy