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X2 Series Ethernet Adapters

Transforming Cloud
Data Centers

Solarflare, a pioneer in the development of low-latency networking and Linux application acceleration, has unleashed its XtremeScale™ family of Ethernet adapters and Cloud Onload™ kernel bypass acceleration software on the cloud data center. Used together, the products eliminate operating system overhead and power up to 4X higher performance for load balancing, database caching, container apps and web servers.

Solarflare’s acceleration solution enables efficiency and cost savings. For cloud data centers tasked with increasing the efficiency of their Linux-based web and application hosting environments, Cloud Onload by Solarflare is the key to unlocking the performance potential of servers, while driving down the number of servers and capex needed.

XtremeScale X2522 Family

XtremeScale X2552

XtremeScale X2541
Product BriefProduct BriefProduct Brief
X2522-25G / X2522-25G-PLUSX2552X2541 / X2541-PLUS
Dual Port
Dual PortSingle Port
Low Profile, MD2
OCP v2.0Low Profile, MD2
PCIe 3.1 x8
PCIe 3.1 x8PCIe 3.1 x16
PLUS SKU includes Onload, TCP Direct, and PTPPLUS SKU includes Onload, TCP Direct, and PTP

Designed for Enterprise, Private and Public Cloud Datacenters

Built with Solarflare’s powerful Ethernet controller ASIC, the X2 Series is a family of powerful, intelligent adapters in PCIe and OCP form-factors.

Contact us for information about where you can obtain an X2 series adapter.

The 1st Platform for Network Adapter Fabric Services

The advent of XtremeScale-class Ethernet network adapters marks a technology inflection point after which general-purpose adapters will be evaluated and selected based on their ability to host micro-segmented network services such as acceleration, security and telemetry in a NIC fabric.

IT Brand Pulse searched for competitive offerings, contacted both vendors and IT pros, and validated that with the general availability of XtremeScale network adapters, Solarflare is first to ship a production-ready version of a commercial platform for NIC fabric services.

XtremeScale Adapters + Fabric Services
= Solutions to Tough Problems

More Workloads. <br /> Fewer Servers.

More workloads.
Fewer servers.

XtremeScale X2 network adapters and Onload™ acceleration fabric services

Protection “inside” <br /> The Data Center

Protection “inside”
the data center

XtremeScale X2 adapters and micro-segmented security fabric services

Better Network<br /> Performance

Better network

XtremeScale X2 adapters and SolarCapture telemetry fabric services

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